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Towny Survival

Our Survival server uses towny to allowing you to live in a community while exploring our very expansive plugins such as slimefun!

OP Prison

Our prison server has over 24 ranks and over 50 prestiges for you to level up through aswell as a vanilla world for you to play once you complete the game!

Creative Plots

We have large creative plots (150x150) aswell as giving all players worldedit for free.You are also given SlimeFun cheat commands to help learn the plugin!

Ultimate Skyblock

Enjoy skyblock, but wish there was a little more to it? Our skyblock has Machines and hundreds of new items to give you plenty to do once your island is finished!

What people say?

Honestly, its incredibly difficult to find a server like this among the minigame, prison, and faction pvp servers. Which means it's a keeper in my book!

- ItsNeato125

What people say?

One of the most entertaining servers I have been on in a LONG time! Super organized, the staff are outstanding people, and it is super fun to be on! I look forward to playing every day! :)

- Thorograin

What people say?

This server is one in a million, Custom Generated World, Special Plugins, and an Amazing Towny system. It's really hard to find among the dozens of Faction and Mini game servers, but surely one worth finding. There is also a nice staff that puts effort into their work, and stay positive while doing it.

- ThatOneOddish

What people say?

I love this server! It's very friendly and all in all great to play on ^_^ The staff members are amazing at their jobs, the plugins are great, and both creative and towny are well run! I'd gladly recommend it to anyone who was looking for a fun towny server!

- Gutchies

What people say?

The server is great, it has such a friendly atmosphere and everyone is welcoming. From all the time that i've played I loved it here and i don't intend on stopping coming back as the plugins they provide are very diverse and indepth. So if you are looking for a very fun, interactive server you should definitely try out TheProCraft you won't regret it.

- JJRM1194

What people say?

I've played on this server before I practically knew how to play minecraft. This server alone has taught me everything I know about the game. The staff are absolutely wonderful. Always on and always friendly. They are extremely helpful and know what they are doing. They also know how to have a fun time. And I think that's what sets TheProCraft apart from a lot of servers that you can play on.

- BearOfIce


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